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Mac Read to Me



Here is a great tip for all of us that love to multi -task.

I love to listen to Audio Books, or Music while I create. I would be great if I was able to watch TV while I paint, but everything takes twice as long to finish because I end up watching more than painting.

I follow Tara Reed on Twitter and she always has amazing information on her sites, not only about Licensing, but the business of Art as well.

I bought “How to Find, Interact & Work with Manufactures who Licence Art” eBook on her site and I was ready to have my trusty MacBook read it to me, but couldn’t. Oh you ask how can my Mac read to me?

Its amazing! If you own a Mac or Apple computer, it can read to you. I emailed Tara and asked if she knew why I was not able to have “Alex”, the Mac voice I like to use the most (you have choices), read to me. She didn’t know about this feature so I explained how to do it and, she was kind enough to find out not only why it didn’t work, but fixed it too. I wondered how many other Mac users don’t know about this great feature?

Tara wrote about it in her Blog and put together a wonderful video explaining how to do it, you can see it below.

I hope you like this feature because I use it all the time to read documents in Text Edit, pdf files, Blogs, Websites, Free books on line, etc.  The voices have gotten better throughout the years, as I’m sure they will keep improving them. I think “Alex” sounds the best, you can adjust the speed he reads. I think he does a fabulous job reading to me. Enjoy!