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I WON the Poster Contest!



I’m proud to say that I won the Ocala Culinary Poster Competition with this concept.

Final art is due December 1st. The final painting will get auctioned off and all proceeds will go to MCA Ocala.

To know more about the festival go to

Here is a Post they released on Facebook about my win:

We are pleased to announce that artist Maggie Weakley has won the inaugural Ocala Culinary Festival Poster Contest! Stay tuned for details about the reception we are throwing to unveil the final work.

Thank you to all the artists and jurors who participated in the contest and thank you Marion Cultural Alliance for helping us organize this contest! We couldn’t have done it without your guidance!

A little about Maggie:
She graduated Columbus College of Art and Design with a BFA degree in Illustration. She is the former Art Director for the Everyday Card Line at Shoebox Greetings, Hallmark Cards, Inc. She popped up on the local art scene in 1998 when she participated in the Marion Cultural Alliance Horse Fever public art project. Since then she has participated in countless exhibits and community art projects through the years. In 2000, she launched and has become known for her collection of whimsical colorful pet portraits. She also serves as the Administrative Coordinator for Fine Arts for Ocala. She is an illustrator, painter, art teacher and avid supporter of the arts that freelances for many private collectors and companies.



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A Good Morning!

This morning I was blessed with this spectacular Sunrise. The blues, purples and pinks lit the sky like a fireworks show. Its amazing how beautiful the sky can get and how quickly it disappears. After a week of gloomy rainy days that had me in a slump, this explosion of color is just was what I needed. Now the sun is out & just like a little miracle so is my energy. Oh how my moods and energy are driven by the weather. I wish it wouldn’t, but just smiling into the sun this morning was the jolt I needed to start my day. I hope you get a charge in what ever it is that ignites your passion and energy today. Blessing to you 🙂

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My Eagle Scout Son is in the Newpaper

Scout’s project aims to refurbish part of history

By Andy Fillmore

Lucas Weakley selected an Eagle Scout project he hopes will inspire others to reach for scouting’s highest rank, just as he was uplifted by another Eagle.

“On a family vacation to St. Andrews State Park (near Panama City), I saw a plaque on a restored turpentine mill proclaiming it was an Eagle project,” Lucas, 14, said. He decided to restore a wooden building adjacent to a 1930s-era farmhouse on the grounds of the Silver River State Park.

The small building was in poor condition, and had it been demolished, history would have been discarded along with it. The scout’s project saved the building, part of the original cattle farm, to serve as a learning experience for visitors likely for years to come.

“Once we get interpretive signage, visitors will realize this is not just a shed; it is historic,” said assistant park manger Christine Dorrier.

Dorrier and Lucas explained that the original builders of the homestead likely erected the smaller building first as living quarters, possibly for several persons, while the main house was being built. Following completion of the main house, the smaller edifice was used for storage, as it is currently.

The neat white farmhouse once served as housing for the state park manager.

The wooden storage building restored in the Eagle project measures about 18 feet by 10 feet by 8 feet, and features a shingled roof and unusual flooring comprised of round wooden pieces.

Dorrier said the main farmhouse and project building are both on their original sites, and that relatives of the homesteading family still live in the area.

Lucas has collected photographs of the buildings, including an early 1930s view that shows a thin, young tree that nearly 80 years later towers over the location.

The farm site is near the park’s picnic area, just a short walk from the Cracker Homestead area on the neighboring Silver River Museum grounds.

Lucas has completed all requirements to attain the Eagle rank, an honor fewer than 5 percent of all Boy Scouts are awarded, according to the National Eagle Scout Association, and is slated to receive his medal on Nov. 20.

Although “self-motivated” to reach the goal, Lucas said the experience has been a family affair with support from his father Kent and mother Maggie since he began the journey in first grade as a Tiger Cub.

The scout’s grandfather, Jerry Weakley, hand-fashioned pull handles on the two large, swinging front doors of the restored building from raw material in a period style. The doors were reconstructed by a volunteer.

Lucas said his project required 216 1/2 hours and 17 volunteers to complete.

Lucas is a member of Troop 172, sponsored by Blessed Trinity Church. His father is Scoutmaster. He said he enjoyed earning the Shotgun Shooting merit badge and found Citizenship in the Nation to be the most arduous of the 35 badges he has garnered.

Lucas is in the Engineering and Manufacturing Institute of Technology program at Forest High School and said he enjoys blending “electronics with mechanics.” He has career aspirations in electrical and mechanical engineering and micro air vehicles.

Above are the original pictures from the 1930’s to the before and after shots of te building. We are very proud of our son. This was a huge undertaking. He was the one who raised the money for the supplies, organized all the people to help with the project and documented the whole process, and for a 14 year old I think that is pretty remarkable 🙂

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A Ceiling Tile

Today I participated in a very special Event at the Appleton Museum of Art. From September 12 thru October 10, the Appleton is hosting the Centers’ “Healing Hearts” Exhibition. This is an incredible program were artist from the Ocala community pair up with the Marion County Mental Wellness Coalition and they create artwork with mentally challenged individuals creating a very powerful and moving show. The artwork ranges from children all the way to adults, from abuse, to drug related problems, to mental handicaps. It is art healing the mind, soul and spirit. The artwork is amazing specially when its paired with the explanation of how the person was feeling and what it means to them. I hope those of you that live close by will get a chance to stop by and see it.

Today the Munroe Regional Medical Center had Ceiling Tiles for anyone that wanted to stop by and paint them. These ceiling tiles will be hung around the Hospital, usually above beds, so that the patients that are staying there can see artwork when they look up. This project has been going on for years and I’ve had the pleasure to have worked on my second tile. The first tile I created was of a Lab Angel Puppy flying in the sky. It was sweet and very colorful. I had a client of mine bring a friend to my studio because she wanted to meet me, because when she was at the hospital she stayed in the room were my ceiling tile was. She told me that looking up at that smiling puppy when she was so ill brought her Hope, it almost made me cry she was so sweet. So when I had the chance to participate again I jumped right in. I went with a dear friend of mine and her son and I created this whimsical horse and rider. I wish I would of had more time to work on it, but for about an hour an a half of work I think it will bring a smile to someone’s face. This is such a great program, they had a great turnout and some amazing pieces were created. I can’t wait to stop by and look up to see them 🙂

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The Cat Walk Wall

On Wednesday August 18th, my husband Kent, my son Lucas & I spent the day in  the middle Cat room at the Humane Society of Marion County. I had already done some work there earlier this year, but we still had to finish the Cat Walk Wall. My husband had a great idea in mind of what would be fun for the kitties, and boy was he right.

Above are some of the pictures from that day, and as you can see there are a lot of happy cats exploring the wall. The first photo showcases the whole wall and all the tubes and boards that we put up so the kitties would have a place to hang out, literally 😉 You can see me busy painting & touching up the walls that I painted a soft lavender. My husband and son are the ones wearing the black shirts and Bruce Fishalow, the Executive Director, is in the green shirt checking out our progress. Everyone at the Humane Society specially Bruce, Lyn Zambito & Mary Wrye were thrilled with the way it all turned out. They are such such Angels! The best reward for all our hard work, was seeing the kitties having a fabulous time on the cat walk. There are so many sweet and gorgeous cats there ready to find someone to love and care for them, could you be one of them? I hope you can stop by and see the Cat Walk Wall and maybe meet a new companion 🙂

When I was there I asked myself, If you look at the cost of becoming a member of the Humane Society which is as little as $15 a year  and think about how much that money can help all of them and think about how many cups of coffee you can buy at Starbucks for that, maybe 4, I think we could all brew some coffee at home and help out all these sweet animals and the amazing people that take care of them. Please Think about donating to your local shelter and you will feel like the white Kitty in the picture above, Blissfully Happy!

Check out this link to see all the different ways you can help

Thanks So very much!!!!

Also you can check out this page from their Newsletter they wrote some very nice things about me 🙂

In February I remodeled the 1st  kitty room and  also painted a huge tree with kittens in it, here is a short video of how it turned out