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Bark About Art Show 2005

   The first Bark About Art Show and Maggie’s Angels are a natural fit.

   The downtown was filled with dogs walking their pets  🙂   Every breed seemed to be present and even some dressed to impress. It was terrific fun seeing so many people come out with their dogs and enjoy the beautiful day, all the art and pet products this show had to offer.

   The Marion Cultural Alliance and The Humane Society of Marion County were the ones that put this show together and would benefit from its success. A special thanks to my sister Maru for all her much needed assistance, could not have done it with out her!

   Many people were really excited about my work and even commissioned me to paint their little Angels. A tail wagging good time had by all. Check out some more photos courtesy of Ocala Style.

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The Star-Banner Newspaper Story

   Promotional articles came out in the magazines and in the newspapers for the 2005 Bark About Art Show. One of the stories featured Holly, her painting and me downtown Ocala where the art show was held. Here is the photo from the Ocala Star Banner article with the Bark About Art mascot “Holly”.

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Bark About Art Poster 2005

   The Marion Cultural Alliance and the Marion County Humane Society put together a “Dog Art Show” called “Bark About Art” and asked my husband & I to create the Poster for the event. I created  “Holly” the Chihuahua, one of the organizer’s dog as the mascot for the event. I had been working on my new company Maggie’s Angels and this show will be a great opportunity to launch my pet portraits. Once I created the painting of Holly, my husband Kent, who is a Graphic Designer for his company Blue Sky Graphic Communications, Inc., designed the promotional poster featuring Holly. The portrait and poster drew a huge crowd for the inaugural dog art festival held in downtown Ocala. It was a great event with profits going to Marion Cultural Alliance and the Marion County Humane Society.

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Painting Celeste & Horsefly Video



   I wanted to include my experience of the 2001 MCA Horse Fever project on this blog, because even though it took place so long ago, it was a fundraiser that really started our involvement in our community. My husband, Kent Weakley, and I participated in this Public Art project created and benefiting MCA along with other local charities that brought business and artist together to create Art on Fiberglass horses which were displayed all over Ocala. The public loved the horses and were visited by thousands. The 53 Horse Fever Horses sold at auction for 1.2 million dollars going to local charities.

   Our garage became a temporary stable housing 3 horses. I painted Celeste and Horsefly and Kent painted Lucky. Kent also did all the promotional designs, the Logos, t-shirts, posters, etc. We had a month to to paint them, and we used up every hour of those days. Kent, shot a time lapse video and sped it up, so you can see the painting process in fast motion, (I wish I could paint that fast).

Click on the names of the horses to watch the videos of; CelesteHorsefly, Lucky.