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“Katie & Piggy”

The process for one of my Commission Portraits starts with a picture of a beloved pet  and a story. My client’s name is Jen & she wanted me to paint her twin sister’s furry kid named Katie Scarlet. Katie is quite the Diva & Queen of the house, so in her portrait, she must have  a sparkly crown for her to wear. She also wanted me to include her stuffed toy “Piggy” because she is obsessed with it. Jen sent me the pictures of what she wanted & I sketched out what she described. I suggested to her to write down some words & sentences that mean something to her and sister, because I would include them in the Portrait. These are the Words that she chose:  Toonsy , Katie Bird, Scarlett, Princess, Miami, Notre Dame , South Bend, I bark for the Irish and everything else for that matter!, Cartoon dog, Landie Loo-that’s who!, MLK Day, Piggy, Our birthday, First love, You didn’t want to live in London anyway, More treats!, Nanny Pam, It’s all about me, Mommy      Daddy, Love, Devotion, Stubborn, Best Friend Companion, My Heart   Sister My Best Friend My Sister, Who do I Love, Endless Devotion, Heart, Love, I want, Sisterly Love , Twins, Forever Yours. I thought about how I would incorporate all these words & my solution was to create Katie with them, since it is what makes up their relationship. Keeping the background simple, using similar value tones & creating a horizontal pattern, I thought it would feel quiet next to Katie who would be so detailed and busy, plus I wanted her to be the focal point.   I made a little video of the photos I took while I was painting it & added some subtitles so you could know what I was doing. Hope you like it & inspires you to do a Mixed Media piece.


Here is the Picture of Katie Scarlet, the sketch and my work space.

Here is part of the process, with these mixed media paintings you want to start placing the papers from farthest background to the foreground. Make sure you think about the structure of your subject matter and place the papers in that direction, because if you don’t, your subject will look flat.

Here is the final piece. The crown is very glittery, using very sparkly beads and glitter.

My client loved it!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think, or if you have any questions I would love to help 😀

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The Painted Trail Community Project


My Friend Elizabeth St. Hilare Nelson told me about this great Community Project that she was participating in called Paint the Trail, and invited me to join in. So my husband Kent (who did an amazing time lapse video- click on his name to see it) &  I went to Orlando to pick up some fence panels to paint.

Jeff is the Mastermind behind this wonderful project that has really taken off his motto is “Bringing the community together along the Seminole County Trail through artwork.”

Check out his FB page here so you can see what wonderful art is being created.

If you want to see a terrific interview with Jeff check him out he was in the news on

He has gotten a lot of fabulous media, and the project has really taken off. We are honored to be a part of this and we are probably going to do a few more panels. Its fun and enjoyed by so many.

If you want to participate in this project and paint a fence panel contact Jeff.

You can paint your own design, or if you are not an artist, but want to paint one, he will give you a panel that has the drawing on it color coded it (like a paint by numbers) and you can do one too.



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The Emotions Behind the Paintings


Emotions are defined as “a mental and physiological state associated with a wide variety of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. It is a prime determinant of the sense of subjective well-being and appears to play a central role in many human activities”

What this definition lacks is the understanding that emotions also play a huge role in our pets lives. Yes, our pets have an unbelievable range of emotions that can be brought to life when we listen to how humans describe their furry children 🙂

This is what my job is mostly about, listening to how my clients feel about their pets. It is in the stories they tell me that create the images in my mind of the feelings that I have to capture in the portraits. If I accomplish this, my client’s reactions reveal wether or not I have succeeded. If I have, there is great joy and satisfaction upon this achievement.

My client Jen, rescued Avery James, and this kitty was a mess. She really helped him recover to the gorgeous, huge, long haired beauty he is is today. Now Avery James has quite the personality, I had the honor of meeting him and taking his photos. Jen warned me about the “Angry Cat” personality he had, I questioned how bad can he be? Well, he truly is everything and more of what Jen described. He is a stunningly beautiful cat but quite the meany and that is exactly what she wanted me to capture in his portrait. I had so much fun doing this piece, because I usually create really sweet and happy pets, but for this piece I had to keep thinking about an angry cat. I also kept hearing that groaning low pitch angry sound cats make while I was painting him. I think you can even hear him making that sound as you look at the painting. I found this song ” I Hate Everyone” by Get Set Go, and thought it was appropriate, because Jen has done so much for this kitty and he should be loving on her not being mean to her. I thought, if he can be mean to her, I’m sure he will be mean and hate anyone he meets.

She loved it and I am very proud of how it all turned out.

Weather its sweet, smiley, anxious, shy, devilish, naughty or mean, capturing your pets emotions is what Maggie’s Angels is all about.


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Teaching through Time Lapse Videos

I’ve created many time Lapse videos of my painting process to show you what goes into creating one of my portraits. In this vdeo I’m painting a Yorkshire Terrier named Sophie and I take you through the process of how I paint. If you have any questions about my technique or anything else please feel free to contact me.

I love to see how these portraits come to life in a matter of minutes. I think its magical don’t you?

Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for watching!



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Mac Read to Me



Here is a great tip for all of us that love to multi -task.

I love to listen to Audio Books, or Music while I create. I would be great if I was able to watch TV while I paint, but everything takes twice as long to finish because I end up watching more than painting.

I follow Tara Reed on Twitter and she always has amazing information on her sites, not only about Licensing, but the business of Art as well.

I bought “How to Find, Interact & Work with Manufactures who Licence Art” eBook on her site and I was ready to have my trusty MacBook read it to me, but couldn’t. Oh you ask how can my Mac read to me?

Its amazing! If you own a Mac or Apple computer, it can read to you. I emailed Tara and asked if she knew why I was not able to have “Alex”, the Mac voice I like to use the most (you have choices), read to me. She didn’t know about this feature so I explained how to do it and, she was kind enough to find out not only why it didn’t work, but fixed it too. I wondered how many other Mac users don’t know about this great feature?

Tara wrote about it in her Blog and put together a wonderful video explaining how to do it, you can see it below.

I hope you like this feature because I use it all the time to read documents in Text Edit, pdf files, Blogs, Websites, Free books on line, etc.  The voices have gotten better throughout the years, as I’m sure they will keep improving them. I think “Alex” sounds the best, you can adjust the speed he reads. I think he does a fabulous job reading to me. Enjoy!