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“The Meet & Greet Door”



























While I was painting the “Kitty Tree” (Previous Post) at the Humane Society, the director, Bruce, asked if I could paint the words “Meet & Greet Room” on the door of the room where once a person chooses a dog they might like to adopt, they bring them in there to play with and hopefully adopt. The door was in such bad shape that I decided to strip it, and start over. I had this Lime Green Paint which I think goes pretty well with the green stripe in the hallway, I gave it three coats and its as good as new. Then thinking about how I was going to put the words on the door I thought off the “Albert & Vicky” Portrait I had done. I think they look like they are greeting each other, the colors worked well with the color scheme of the room, and its perfect for the room where potential people meet their soon to be pets. My Husband, Kent,  being the brilliant designer he is, put the whole image together in a very fun design. I had the poster laminated and we added Velcro tape to stick it on the door so when it starts looking bad we can pull it off and make a new piece without any damage to the door, pretty smart right, my husband came up with that idea as well, like I said brilliant! I hope these two happy Corgis will greet everyone that comes into this very fun room. Let me know what you think  😉

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“The Kitty Tree”

Lyn Beurrier- Cat Specialist and Me

On January 16th my friend Jen introduced me to Bruce Fishalow the Executive Director of the Humane Society in Marion County. I’ve been wanting to do something for the them since I started Maggie’s Angels and for one reason or another nothing ever developed. Timing is everything.

Upon meeting Bruce, he gave me a tour and showed me all the renovations they’ve done, and they were particularly proud of the new cat rooms. Bruce had this idea of painting a tree in the corner of the kitten room and it just happens that I could do that for him, timing!

We talked about what he wanted to do and the vision was clear, he wanted the kitten room to be warm and fun so the kittens and the people coming in to adopt them would feel at home. That is also the mission of Lyn Beurrier, the cat specialist at the center who has an enormous heart and wants all her kitties to be happy and find loving homes.

Bruce and Lyn along with everyone who works and volunteers at the Humane Society love these animals and really want them to thrive so when you come in to adopt one of them you also feel the warmth that surrounds this place.

I’ve become fast friends with these two fabulous hard working animal lovers and I’ve caught the enthusiasm they have to make this No Kill shelter succeed. I spent two full days painting this mural. I’d come in on Wednesdays, the only day the center is closed to the public, and painted a giant tree with kittens playing in it with a few butterflies fluttering by. I also added some framed Maggie’s Angels Cat portrait prints on the other walls to bring some more happy kitties into the room.

Everyone seems to love it and are so thankful, but it is I who am thankful when I see what these lovely people do on a daily basis for all these animals. I have so much respect for them in how they take care of all these animals, some of them in really bad shape, and heal them not only physically but mentally and spiritually.

Everytime I have shared my talent and volunteer I am always rewarded in so many different ways. I’ll be back next Wednesday to paint some more, and I have a feeling that I’ll keep going back and doing more projects for them.

Here is a short video of “The Tree”




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My Bank of America Art Show


From December 1, 2009 to January 5, 2010 my Paintings and Giclees will be on exhibition at the Downtown Bank of America in Ocala, Florida.

This is a video of the Reception were you can see the paintings I have on display. The Reception was on Dec. 4th and it was wonderful! Its amazing seeing all of my work in one space.

Many people showed up and the best part was I sold two paintings that day.

“The Enchanted Trail”

The EnchantedTrail

and “Bianca”.


I’ve had so many wonderful comments about my work which brings a smile to my heart.

I hope you get to go see it, if you do, would love to know what you think, and if you can’t then I hope this video will make you feel like you did!  🙂

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Tack n’ Talk Fabulosity

Wow! Talk about making my spirits soar to the sky, and put a permanent smile on my face.

This amazing Blog “Tack n’ Talk” featuring all kinds of fabulous and inspiring Horse related topics honored my work and I in their latest Post. I hope you get to visit them often because there is bountiful knowledge to be learned from them.

You can also follow Elizabeth Keenan or Libby on Twitter,, and Larissa Cox, I thoroughly enjoy their Tweets and learn something from them everyday.

Thanks soooooo very much for such kind words!

I’m thrilled that my work made you ” feel my childlike nature with all it’s hope and optimism returning”   🙂