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Our World is Changing & So Should the Schools

  It’s amazing that computers have become so pervasive in our society and yet coding is not being taught in schools. It can be intimidating, but it IS learnable!! Look at how easily a young child takes to a Smart Phone or an iPad and can move around it so easily. Why not start teaching…

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Art Classes

Custom Art Classes All the art classes that I teach are custom made to fill your needs or your child’s needs. We can start with the basics or jump right into a painting and learn as we create. Its all based on how you like to learn, and we figure that out in our 1st…

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The Painted Trail Community Project

  My Friend Elizabeth St. Hilare Nelson told me about this great Community Project that she was participating in called Paint the Trail, and invited me to join in. So my husband Kent (who did an amazing time lapse video- click on his name to see it) &  I went to Orlando to pick up some…

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Donating Art and the Solution by Maria Brophy

  This is an amazing article written by Maria Brophy about being asked to donate your art to charities and how they can create an environment that is beneficial for all of us. “Reprinted from Maria, a blog that helps creative entrepreneurs design the career and lifestyle of their dreams.  Visit at“ Please go…

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The Secret to an Artist’s Success

Are you feeling a bit down about not selling your work? I know I am! In this economy the first thing to go are the pleasures of life. People & companies tend to hold back on the extras to make sure they have what they need. It can become discouraging to all of us in…

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