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“Zoe” Pit Bull Boxer Mix

Here is the Beautiful Zoe I created for my cousin Rebecca.

This is Pen & Ink with Acrylics on Animation Cell.

I start with a photo then I ink the drawing then I paint

on the back of the cell like you would if you were painting

on glass from front to back.

Layering the colors and textures down you

can see the different tones I used.

Here is the final piece “Zoe” 11″ x 14″ Pen & Ink with

Acrylics on Animation Cell.

Call me & we’ll create one of your little baby!

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“Tank” the sweet Pit Bull

Here is my Cousin Daniel’s dog “Tank” that I painted for him for his Birthday!
This is an 11″ x 14″ matted & framed Pen & Ink with Acrylics on Animation Cell.
I love doing these animation cell paintings. The materials are fun to use, and I’m always delighted by the results.
I’ve always loved drawing with the pen & ink,  you can achieve some beautiful lines with it. The only disadvantage of this technique is that you have to paint backwards so you have to think carefully what you want to see first. Also, its very important that each layer be completely dry or some of the paint will peel off. Its tricky, but once you understand how each of the materials work together its so fun.
You can see the different steps to creating one of these pieces below.
Hope you try it out. If you have any questions please let me know I would love to help  🙂
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The Emotions Behind the Paintings


Emotions are defined as “a mental and physiological state associated with a wide variety of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. It is a prime determinant of the sense of subjective well-being and appears to play a central role in many human activities”

What this definition lacks is the understanding that emotions also play a huge role in our pets lives. Yes, our pets have an unbelievable range of emotions that can be brought to life when we listen to how humans describe their furry children 🙂

This is what my job is mostly about, listening to how my clients feel about their pets. It is in the stories they tell me that create the images in my mind of the feelings that I have to capture in the portraits. If I accomplish this, my client’s reactions reveal wether or not I have succeeded. If I have, there is great joy and satisfaction upon this achievement.

My client Jen, rescued Avery James, and this kitty was a mess. She really helped him recover to the gorgeous, huge, long haired beauty he is is today. Now Avery James has quite the personality, I had the honor of meeting him and taking his photos. Jen warned me about the “Angry Cat” personality he had, I questioned how bad can he be? Well, he truly is everything and more of what Jen described. He is a stunningly beautiful cat but quite the meany and that is exactly what she wanted me to capture in his portrait. I had so much fun doing this piece, because I usually create really sweet and happy pets, but for this piece I had to keep thinking about an angry cat. I also kept hearing that groaning low pitch angry sound cats make while I was painting him. I think you can even hear him making that sound as you look at the painting. I found this song ” I Hate Everyone” by Get Set Go, and thought it was appropriate, because Jen has done so much for this kitty and he should be loving on her not being mean to her. I thought, if he can be mean to her, I’m sure he will be mean and hate anyone he meets.

She loved it and I am very proud of how it all turned out.

Weather its sweet, smiley, anxious, shy, devilish, naughty or mean, capturing your pets emotions is what Maggie’s Angels is all about.


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My Favorite Palette

Stay wet pallete

I Love this Sta-Wet Palette. I’ve been using it for the last 5 years and I know it has saved me thousands of dollars worth of paints. When I lay out my acrylic paints they stay wet for weeks & I don’t even seal the lid, I just place it on top to keep the dust and doggie hair out of it. A little trick I use to keep it smelling fresh, is that add a few drops of Ammonia to the sponge area and that seems to keeps any bacteria or mold from growing. I’ve also heard that Peroxide does well too.

I highly recommend this product, specially since my paintings take me days if not weeks to create and the paints Stay Wet! Have fun painting  🙂


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Cat Cut Outs




Here is Gracie & Sophia, two very sweet kitties that I painted for a client.

These are cut out of wood, I gessoed & painted them in acrylics. It is same process I do for my portraits. They came out so cute! She is going to place them near the doorway that goes into their little cat room. It will be so fun for them to welcome people into their Lair.

Before these two kitties left to their new home, they checked out a few of the spots around our house, and of course I took a few photos. While they waited for their new mommy to pick them up, they sat on my desk watching the “Bird TV” as I call it, which is the bird feeders outside my studio window which get fabulous bird visitors throughout the day!  😉