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A Good Morning!

This morning I was blessed with this spectacular Sunrise. The blues, purples and pinks lit the sky like a fireworks show. Its amazing how beautiful the sky can get and how quickly it disappears. After a week of gloomy rainy days that had me in a slump, this explosion of color is just was what I needed. Now the sun is out & just like a little miracle so is my energy. Oh how my moods and energy are driven by the weather. I wish it wouldn’t, but just smiling into the sun this morning was the jolt I needed to start my day. I hope you get a charge in what ever it is that ignites your passion and energy today. Blessing to you 🙂

One thought on “A Good Morning!

  1. This photo is sooooo beautiful!!! I understand about how weather can affect your energy. I hope you have a wonderful week that is full of sunshine!

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