On March 7th a very special event happened here in Ocala, a concert called Kidfetti brought some major musical talent to this town for a great cause.

This is the second year “The Centers,  which is a Central Florida based private behavioral health and substance abuse center, hosted this event in an effort to raise money to help children and adolescents achieve their highest level of functioning.” This kid friendly event, is full of music and its a fun fest held in Central Florida, that featured performances by Jordin Sparks, The Naked Brothers, the Garneau Brothers, and many other youth-oriented entertainers and musical performers, as part of a large, outdoor music and cultural festival focusing on the importance of protecting and nurturing the mental and physical wellness of our children.

Over 10,000 people showed up, a huge majority were screaming kids waiting to see fantastic performances by incredibly talented young people, and there were so many fantastic activities that it kept all the kids entertained all day long.

One of those activities was a Maze sponsored by Embarq, and The Marion Cultural Alliance. “Leave Your Mark” was the theme where kids got to pick up an egg carton full of paint, a brush and then they got to paint what they dream about or what they love. The kids loved this project and so did everyone who participated. Everything was donated and volunteers were there eager to help. My two boys and I were among the volunteers helping wherever we were needed, we truly have a very giving community. These painted panels will then be displayed all over town showcasing the great talented kids we all have. This was a wonderful addition to Kidfetti, and It was truly a fantastic day!

If you would like to know more about the Centers and Kidfetti or you would like to donate to this great cause please click on these links. (all the highlighted words on this post are also linked to various pages on the sites)

Pictures: from top left to right!

Make your Mark Sponsors and Children’s Artwork.

My two son’s – Lucas and Max, and the gentleman in the middle is Jim Copeland, one of the most wonderful men in this town who had the grand idea for this project and got Embarq and his fellow coworkers to help out with this event. I’m honored to call him my friend.

The next picture is of my Husband & me. My husband, Kent Weakley, of  did all the graphics, website, signs and every kind of promotional item created, plus he photographed the entire event, along with the help of Guy Vilt,  and National Geographic Photographer/Videographer Mark Emery who video taped a large portion of the day. Can’t wait to see their photos.

The next row you see the stage and the crowd, while they watch Nat & Alex Wolf of the Naked Brothers Perform. The lovely ladies in front of Jordin Sparks is Laurie Menard (L) and Brittany Visser (R). Laurie is the the super woman that makes this event happen. Between getting the talent, putting this whole show together, finding the sponsors, donations, volunteers and everything else that it takes to put an event of this magnitude together she is the glue to it all. Its definitely a team effort of a lot of people, but she is the force behind it all.




Check out some of the videos that were taken from the concerts on You Tube.

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