I WON the Poster Contest!



I’m proud to say that I won the Ocala Culinary Poster Competition with this concept.

Final art is due December 1st. The final painting will get auctioned off and all proceeds will go to MCA Ocala.

To know more about the festival go to http://www.ocalaculinaryfestival.com/

Here is a Post they released on Facebook about my win:

We are pleased to announce that artist Maggie Weakley has won the inaugural Ocala Culinary Festival Poster Contest! Stay tuned for details about the reception we are throwing to unveil the final work.

Thank you to all the artists and jurors who participated in the contest and thank you Marion Cultural Alliance for helping us organize this contest! We couldn’t have done it without your guidance!

A little about Maggie:
She graduated Columbus College of Art and Design with a BFA degree in Illustration. She is the former Art Director for the Everyday Card Line at Shoebox Greetings, Hallmark Cards, Inc. She popped up on the local art scene in 1998 when she participated in the Marion Cultural Alliance Horse Fever public art project. Since then she has participated in countless exhibits and community art projects through the years. In 2000, she launched MaggiesAngels.com and has become known for her collection of whimsical colorful pet portraits. She also serves as the Administrative Coordinator for Fine Arts for Ocala. She is an illustrator, painter, art teacher and avid supporter of the arts that freelances for many private collectors and companies.


“Zoe” Pit Bull Boxer Mix

Here is the Beautiful Zoe I created for my cousin Rebecca. This is Pen & Ink with Acrylics on Animation Cell.

I start with a photo then I ink the drawing then I paint on the back of the cell like you would if you were painting on glass from front to back.

Layering the colors and textures down you can see the different tones I used.

Here is the final piece “Zoe” 11″ x 14″ Pen & Ink with Acrylics on Animation Cell. Call me & we’ll create one of your little baby!

“Tank” the sweet Pit Bull


Here is my Cousin Daniel’s dog “Tank” that I painted for him for his Birthday!
This is an 11″ x 14″ matted & framed Pen & Ink with Acrylics on Animation Cell.
I love doing these animation cell paintings. The materials are fun to use, and I’m always delighted by the results.
I’ve always loved drawing with the pen & ink,  you can achieve some beautiful lines with it. The only disadvantage of this technique is that you have to paint backwards so you have to think carefully what you want to see first. Also, its very important that each layer be completely dry or some of the paint will peel off. Its tricky, but once you understand how each of the materials work together its so fun.
You can see the different steps to creating one of these pieces below.
Hope you try it out. If you have any questions please let me know I would love to help  🙂

Art Classes


Custom Art Classes

All the art classes that I teach are custom made to fill your needs or your child’s needs.

We can start with the basics or jump right into a painting and learn as we create.

Its all based on how you like to learn, and we figure that out in our 1st meeting.

I can teach you how to paint in:

Acrylic Paints


Pen & Ink

Pen & Ink on Animation Cell with Acrylics

Mixed Media

Paper Painting

Black & White Graphite

One on One Lessons:

Personal Drawing, and Painting lessons that are tailored made for You.

Whatever you want to learn, in whatever medium you like, I am here to teach you.

Classes can be held in your home,  my studio or a designated location.


2 hour lessons- $70

4 hour Lessons $90

I supply the materials

Mommy & Me Lessons: 

Are you and your child wanting to be creative together?

Let me help you create some artwork that you can both do together.

Maybe even create paintings to decorate a room in your home.

This is an experience that focuses on the development of your child and your relationship.

We will decide on the painting you want to work on and the parents or adult (it can be a Grandma or Aunt etc.) can create a painting along side their child or work on one together using different mediums and materials.

Call me and we’ll get started.


1 hour painting lesson $40

I supply the materials

Group Lessons:

We must have a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 15 people.

Classes can be held in your home, or a designated location.

I can create a class that is tailored made for you and your group.

I supply the materials, drop cloths & clean up.

There are 2 options for the Group Painting Lessons;

1) The students can all paint the same subject matter, I will have a variety of paintings to choose from.

2) The students all create different paintings but they are all using the same art material which we will pick before hand, and I can teach you techniques using that art material of choice.


2 hour everyone creates same painting $30 a person

4 hour everyone creates same painting $60 a person

Clubs, Parties, or Organizations:

Are you looking for a fun Party Experience~

Are you having a Birthday Party, a Girls Night Out, a Baby Shower, a Bridal Shower, or any kind of party/ event you can think off,  make it even more special & memorable by having me create a Custom Themed Painting for your party that everyone will create and keep. Plus, we’ll have a blast doing it. Talk about a great Party Favor!

I can also come into Nursing Homes, Day Cares, Home School Groups or Companies and design Painting and/or activities that will inspire, unite and teach everyone while having a great time.


2 hour everyone creates same painting $30 a person

4 hour everyone creates same painting $60 a person

Materials are included


Looking to Custom Decorate a Room.

Do you have a wall, space or furniture that you want to be transformed with a custom made painting.

Contact me and we’ll design it together.

My rate is $20 an hour. The final cost depends on the simplicity or complexity of the design.

Here is my contact information:

Maggie Weakley

cell: 352-615-4629

email: callmaggie@yahoo.com

 Call Me!!!


“Katie & Piggy”

The process for one of my Commission Portraits starts with a picture of a beloved pet  and a story. My client’s name is Jen & she wanted me to paint her twin sister’s furry kid named Katie Scarlet. Katie is quite the Diva & Queen of the house, so in her portrait, she must have  a sparkly crown for her to wear. She also wanted me to include her stuffed toy “Piggy” because she is obsessed with it. Jen sent me the pictures of what she wanted & I sketched out what she described. I suggested to her to write down some words & sentences that mean something to her and sister, because I would include them in the Portrait. These are the Words that she chose:  Toonsy , Katie Bird, Scarlett, Princess, Miami, Notre Dame , South Bend, I bark for the Irish and everything else for that matter!, Cartoon dog, Landie Loo-that’s who!, MLK Day, Piggy, Our birthday, First love, You didn’t want to live in London anyway, More treats!, Nanny Pam, It’s all about me, Mommy      Daddy, Love, Devotion, Stubborn, Best Friend Companion, My Heart   Sister My Best Friend My Sister, Who do I Love, Endless Devotion, Heart, Love, I want, Sisterly Love , Twins, Forever Yours. I thought about how I would incorporate all these words & my solution was to create Katie with them, since it is what makes up their relationship. Keeping the background simple, using similar value tones & creating a horizontal pattern, I thought it would feel quiet next to Katie who would be so detailed and busy, plus I wanted her to be the focal point.   I made a little video of the photos I took while I was painting it & added some subtitles so you could know what I was doing. Hope you like it & inspires you to do a Mixed Media piece.


Here is the Picture of Katie Scarlet, the sketch and my work space.

Here is part of the process, with these mixed media paintings you want to start placing the papers from farthest background to the foreground. Make sure you think about the structure of your subject matter and place the papers in that direction, because if you don’t, your subject will look flat.

Here is the final piece. The crown is very glittery, using very sparkly beads and glitter.

My client loved it!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think, or if you have any questions I would love to help 😀

The Painted Trail Community Project


My Friend Elizabeth St. Hilare Nelson told me about this great Community Project that she was participating in called Paint the Trail, and invited me to join in. So my husband Kent (who did an amazing time lapse video- click on his name to see it) &  I went to Orlando to pick up some fence panels to paint.

Jeff is the Mastermind behind this wonderful project that has really taken off his motto is “Bringing the community together along the Seminole County Trail through artwork.”

Check out his FB page here https://www.facebook.com/painttheseminoletrail?fref=ts so you can see what wonderful art is being created.

If you want to see a terrific interview with Jeff check him out he was in the news on myfoxorlando.com

He has gotten a lot of fabulous media, and the project has really taken off. We are honored to be a part of this and we are probably going to do a few more panels. Its fun and enjoyed by so many.

If you want to participate in this project and paint a fence panel contact Jeff.

You can paint your own design, or if you are not an artist, but want to paint one, he will give you a panel that has the drawing on it color coded it (like a paint by numbers) and you can do one too.



Donating Art and the Solution by Maria Brophy




This is an amazing article written by Maria Brophy about being asked to donate your art to charities and how they can create an environment that is beneficial for all of us.

“Reprinted from Maria Brophy.com, a blog that helps creative entrepreneurs design the career and lifestyle of their dreams.  Visit at http://www.MariaBrophy.com

Please go to her site and subscribe,  it is filled with amazing information!!!!

Thank you so much Maria for your information generosity!

For the full article please go to the link :


Here are the highlights of  what Maria wrote;

“We recently sent Drew to a fundraiser put on by Hinano Tahiti, one of our clients.  They asked Drew to do a live, custom painting of a surfboard at the event, which was to be auctioned that night.

There was an exciting bidding war between two men, and of course only one could “win”.  It was fun watching the interaction!

We charged a fee to have Drew paint the surfboard at the event.  They sold the painting for three times as much and one happy gent went home with the painting.  The charity made out and it was a win-win for all.

Hinano Tahiti understood the importance of providing top quality work at auction.  They also appreciated Drew’s time and had no problem compensating him for it.  If only all fundraisers worked this way…

There are many great charities in the world, and they need your art!  But there can be problems with donating art to charities.

The good news is, together we can help charities to get better quality artwork by encouraging them to create a new way of working with artist donations.


You’ll go broke giving to every charity that asks.  I know we used to give to anyone who called.  It was flattering at first.  Then, as years went on, I found many, many problems with giving blindly and not asking for anything in return.

For one, we were losing money we couldn’t afford to.  We already had our personal charities that we donated money to.

For another, it was taking a lot of our time and energy.  And some of the people we were giving to sadly did not appreciate it.

And lastly, we found that we weren’t wanting to give the best artwork, but rather tempted to give the items that didn’t sell.

Drew and I attended a Surf Industry Ball a few summers ago.  It’s a black tie event held yearly at the beautiful St. Regis Resort.  They hold a charity auction, both silent and live.  Many people who attend are wealthy and have no problem bidding on $10,000-$100,000 items.

You would think an event such as this would attract quality artwork.  But in the silent auction, there were amateur pieces.  There were also a few pieces of art from successful artists that appeared as though they took art that wasn’t selling in their studio and donated it to get rid of it.

Auctioning low quality art at a black tie event does not work.  But I also know, first hand, that this event does not share in the revenue with the artist donating the work.

And that’s a problem.  If the charity is not making it worthwhile financially to donate art, they are not going to attract quality art.


Choose 2 or 3 charities that you care about and give to them.  By focusing on just a few charities, you can actually make a difference with your donations.  After your chosen few, give only to organizations that share in the revenues of the sales.  Never donate anything if it will hurt you financially.

Every day I receive 3 to 4 e-mails and calls from people, friends and clients who ask for a donation.  This is the downside to having a lot of friends and doing too much networking!

The requests range from the local High School grad night event to very prestigious events and everything in between.

Always, the charities are excellent organizations which are doing wonderful things.  It’s hard to turn these people away, particularly if the person is a friend or client.

But if I gave to even half of the requests, I’d have to shut my business down and get a real job, God forbid!

Usually for the small stuff, like the High School, I’ll donate art prints that are just sitting in the studio.  It’s not a problem to do that.

But for the black-tie events, we would not want to donate anything but top quality artwork.  Otherwise, what’s the point?  If you donate artwork that’s less quality compared to what you are proud of, than you will detract new collectors and you’ll make a bad name for yourself.

But on the other hand, when donating your best work, you’ll need to be compensated.

Together, we can convince the charities out there that it’s in their best interest to make it enticing for artists to donate their best works.


  • Many charities do not give the artist a portion of the proceeds.
  • The expenses out of pocket for art supplies, canvas and frames:  Many charities ask for Drew’s painted surfboards.  The surfboard itself costs us $400 – $600 depending on the quality and size.  And then there’s the art supplies and time to paint it.
  • IRS Does not Value Artist’s Time: We are not able to write off the amount of time it takes to paint.  The IRS only allows you to write off your materials, which artists do anyway.  You are often better off writing a check for the charity rather than giving them art (unless they split the revenue).
  • Nothing to Gain: Other than feeling good about your contribution, there is little to gain.  There is no marketing value to these events, unless your name and art is printed on all of their brochures and advertising (this rarely happens).
  • Art can auction for less than it’s worth:  Occasionally the paintings we have contributed have auctioned off for less than our collectors pay.  This hurts the artist, the collectors and the value of the art.


A few years ago we instituted guidelines for charities.  I wrote about it on Drew Brophy’s blog back in September – you can read that here.

And thanks to Lori Woodard’s point of view written in her article titled FUNDRAISERS THAT DO IT RIGHT on Fine Art Views Blog last week, I’ve been inspired to fine-tune how I handle the requests.  I’ve tidied up a form letter that I now am sending to every request for a donation.   There is a copy at the bottom of this post.


Artists, let’s all get on the same page here and help educate the fundraisers and charities that need our help.  If we encourage them to, Charities will make it easier for artists to donate their top quality art.  It’s a win-win for everyone.” Maria Brophy


Please go to the link so you can copy and use the  form letter they send out labeled:



Happy Mother’s Day!!!


Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms & Grandmas out there!!!
Here is a card I made in your honor. If you would like to send this card to a wonderful Mom you know please click on MothersDayCard and you will have a pdf file version of this card ready to print and give out to the mom’s you love.
My gift to you 🙂
Enjoy! and Remember to give her lots of hugs!

The Secret to an Artist’s Success

Ira Glass


Are you feeling a bit down about not selling your work? I know I am!

In this economy the first thing to go are the pleasures of life. People & companies tend to hold back on the extras to make sure they have what they need. It can become discouraging to all of us in the creative industries. I found this video that is quite inspiring, because sometimes we feel a little discouraged and what we really need to do is to create more art & ignite our passion. The more we produce the better we get & when the world is ready look out ~we will have a fabulous volume of work to sell.

Hope this video by the wonderful Ira Glass inspires you too 🙂

Maggie’s Angels Dog and Cat BOOKMARKS!


Now you can order a set of five Maggie’s Angels Bookmarks. Each durable heavy card stock bookmark is printed on both sides and measures 2.375″ x 8″. Protective UV gloss coating assures lasting quality. The bookmarks are valued at $2 each. However, the complete set of five bookmarks (valued at $10) is only $5 Total …and shipping and handling (in U.S.) is FREE!

Only $5 / FREE shipping & handling

The Emotions Behind the Paintings


Emotions are defined as “a mental and physiological state associated with a wide variety of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. It is a prime determinant of the sense of subjective well-being and appears to play a central role in many human activities”

What this definition lacks is the understanding that emotions also play a huge role in our pets lives. Yes, our pets have an unbelievable range of emotions that can be brought to life when we listen to how humans describe their furry children 🙂

This is what my job is mostly about, listening to how my clients feel about their pets. It is in the stories they tell me that create the images in my mind of the feelings that I have to capture in the portraits. If I accomplish this, my client’s reactions reveal wether or not I have succeeded. If I have, there is great joy and satisfaction upon this achievement.

My client Jen, rescued Avery James, and this kitty was a mess. She really helped him recover to the gorgeous, huge, long haired beauty he is is today. Now Avery James has quite the personality, I had the honor of meeting him and taking his photos. Jen warned me about the “Angry Cat” personality he had, I questioned how bad can he be? Well, he truly is everything and more of what Jen described. He is a stunningly beautiful cat but quite the meany and that is exactly what she wanted me to capture in his portrait. I had so much fun doing this piece, because I usually create really sweet and happy pets, but for this piece I had to keep thinking about an angry cat. I also kept hearing that groaning low pitch angry sound cats make while I was painting him. I think you can even hear him making that sound as you look at the painting. I found this song ” I Hate Everyone” by Get Set Go, and thought it was appropriate, because Jen has done so much for this kitty and he should be loving on her not being mean to her. I thought, if he can be mean to her, I’m sure he will be mean and hate anyone he meets.

She loved it and I am very proud of how it all turned out.

Weather its sweet, smiley, anxious, shy, devilish, naughty or mean, capturing your pets emotions is what Maggie’s Angels is all about.


My Favorite Palette

Stay wet pallete

I Love this Sta-Wet Palette. I’ve been using it for the last 5 years and I know it has saved me thousands of dollars worth of paints. When I lay out my acrylic paints they stay wet for weeks & I don’t even seal the lid, I just place it on top to keep the dust and doggie hair out of it. A little trick I use to keep it smelling fresh, is that add a few drops of Ammonia to the sponge area and that seems to keeps any bacteria or mold from growing. I’ve also heard that Peroxide does well too.

I highly recommend this product, specially since my paintings take me days if not weeks to create and the paints Stay Wet! Have fun painting  🙂


Teaching through Time Lapse Videos

I’ve created many time Lapse videos of my painting process to show you what goes into creating one of my portraits. In this vdeo I’m painting a Yorkshire Terrier named Sophie and I take you through the process of how I paint. If you have any questions about my technique or anything else please feel free to contact me.

I love to see how these portraits come to life in a matter of minutes. I think its magical don’t you?

Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for watching!



Mac Read to Me



Here is a great tip for all of us that love to multi -task.

I love to listen to Audio Books, or Music while I create. I would be great if I was able to watch TV while I paint, but everything takes twice as long to finish because I end up watching more than painting.

I follow Tara Reed on Twitter http://twitter.com/ArtistTaraReed and she always has amazing information on her sites, not only about Licensing, but the business of Art as well.

I bought “How to Find, Interact & Work with Manufactures who Licence Art” eBook on her site and I was ready to have my trusty MacBook read it to me, but couldn’t. Oh you ask how can my Mac read to me?

Its amazing! If you own a Mac or Apple computer, it can read to you. I emailed Tara and asked if she knew why I was not able to have “Alex”, the Mac voice I like to use the most (you have choices), read to me. She didn’t know about this feature so I explained how to do it and, she was kind enough to find out not only why it didn’t work, but fixed it too. I wondered how many other Mac users don’t know about this great feature?

Tara wrote about it in her Blog and put together a wonderful video explaining how to do it, you can see it below.

I hope you like this feature because I use it all the time to read documents in Text Edit, pdf files, Blogs, Websites, Free books on line, etc.  The voices have gotten better throughout the years, as I’m sure they will keep improving them. I think “Alex” sounds the best, you can adjust the speed he reads. I think he does a fabulous job reading to me. Enjoy!

Cat Cut Outs




Here is Gracie & Sophia, two very sweet kitties that I painted for a client.

These are cut out of wood, I gessoed & painted them in acrylics. It is same process I do for my portraits. They came out so cute! She is going to place them near the doorway that goes into their little cat room. It will be so fun for them to welcome people into their Lair.

Before these two kitties left to their new home, they checked out a few of the spots around our house, and of course I took a few photos. While they waited for their new mommy to pick them up, they sat on my desk watching the “Bird TV” as I call it, which is the bird feeders outside my studio window which get fabulous bird visitors throughout the day!  😉

My Son the Eagle Scout

Max Weakley Eagle Scout

On September 15, 2012, at 11:00a.m. at Blessed Trinity Catholic Church, Boy Scout, our son Maxfield Weakley, a member of Boy Scouts of America Troop 172 in Ocala, Florida, will be honored at a very special Eagle Court of Honor for achieving the highest honor of Scouting, his Eagle Scout rank.

Max has earned 43 merit badges, including three heritage badges (signaling, tracking, and pathfinding). He has spent well over 1000 hours camping with his troop. Max attended the 2010 National Scout Jamboree in Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia and will be attending the 2013 National Scout Jamboree in West Virginia. He has hiked over 30 miles with his troop and has accumulated 150 community service hours and counting.
He has served his troop in a variety of leadership roles, including; Bugler, Historian, Assistant Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader, and Senior Patrol Leader. Max has been honored with several awards including recognition as a Super Scout, honoring his skills as a leader and hard worker within the troop, and he is also a member of the Order of the Arrow.

As part of his Eagle rank requirements, Max completed a two-part community service project. Working with the Marion County Parks and Recreation Services, Max created a stock photography library of local animals, parks, and events. Max took over 100 photographs of the wildlife in the parks & the special events happening in the county parks. His photographs are being used currently in publications and on the internet to help promote the county parks and programs. For the second part of his project Max lead his troop in clearing brush and vegetation from the Marshall Swamp Trail. They also replaced and installed 28 new trail marker signs along the path. Max raised $890 in order to cover the cost of materials and he organized and led a total of 229.75 volunteered hours of service. You can view some of the photos on his blog http://maxweakley.com/eagle-scout-project/
Max is fifteen years old and attends the Engineering and Manufacturing Institute of Technology Magnet program at Forest High School as a Sophomore. He is a very driven young man, with an incredible talent and passion to become a Zoologist and Wildlife Photographer. Max started as a Tiger Cub Scout in 2005 and has continued earning every rank up to the prestigious honor of Eagle Scout. His goal is to continue to be very active within his troop and he will strive to earn the Bronze, Gold, and Silver Eagle Palms.
I am confident you recognize the importance of this achievement from this young man. To make this ceremony even more special, we are compiling letters of congratulations from honorable persons like yourself. Would you please consider sending along such a letter, and perhaps any other items you wish to honor Max’s achievement. We will present the letter and/or items received to him at his Eagle Court of Honor ceremony on September 15, 2012.
Thank you very much for taking time to help us honor our very special young man.
Sincerely, Maggie Weakley (a.k.a. Mom) 🙂
Here is the Video my husband created for Max’s Eagle Scout Ceremony.

Its a wonderful depiction of the adventures we have lived so far, can’t wait to see all the great and wonderful adventures that lie ahead!


The Story!


Here is a Portrait of Lucy a very sweet Great Dane that I had the honor of painting. My client told me wonderful stories about her beloved Lucy and that is how I was able to capture her sweet nature. Lucy recently passed and it is such a comfort to my client to have her beautiful face smiling back at her.

It is in the stories you tell me about your furry kids that ignite my imagination to paint your pet how you see them. I’ll draw 3 sketches for you and then you get to decide which one is the one you love the most, then I begin the painting.

My standard sizes are an  8″x8″ acrylic on wood portrait is  $210.00, the 12″x12″ is $420.00 each, with each portraits you receive a set of 5 Bookmarks from my collection. If you would like to have larger paintings done with multiple pets please contact me at callmaggie@yahoo.com and we will work out the details. Thank You!

For more detail information please click on this link: http://www.maggiesangels.com/MaggiePages/MAcommission.html

This Link shows you the photos and the finished Portrait of some of the beautiful Pets I have done: http://www.maggiesangels.com/MaggiePages/MAcommissionGallery.html

You can see the video of how I created this painting here


Happy 2012!!!!!


Happy New Year


 It’s the New Year with new resolutions and a lot of new ideas. One of my goals is to Blog more often.

My Blogs will not only consist of sharing with you what I’m currently working on,

but also some tips & lessons on the art biz world, and the techniques I use.

 The picture on the left is of my Aussie Sky and my Westie Angel ringing in the New year in style ;D

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”

Oprah Winfrey

Decking Our House

This is Christmas at our House. We have three trees that we put up every year.

The first one you will find in the entrance of our house and its the “Kid’s Project Tree”. My boys have done so many wonderful ornaments throughout the years at school that I wanted to showcase them by having their own little tree. I love this tree because there are pictures of the boys at every age and skill level. Plus the boys are very proud of it.

The second tree is in our kitchen and its our “Travel Tree”. Our summers are filled with road trips all over this great nation of ours and this tree has a collection of ornaments that we have bought in each of the memorable locations we’ve been. Its a great reminder of what fun we’ve had and wonder what the next summer trip will hold for us.

Our third and final tree is the biggy. I spend days on this one.

We have ornaments of when my husband and I were little, ornaments from Hallmark where I used to work, ornaments from when we got married and collected throughout read more

Happy Thanksgiving!

Paper Painting Party


DSCN8830DSCN8815My girlfriend Julie introduced me to a wonderful artist named Elizabeth St. Hilare Nelson, please go to her site so you can see the fabulous paintings she creates. She also has a wonderful blog, Paper Paintings. Julie bought her DVD and after we watched it, we decided we would have a paper painting party.

To get started you have to create your own papers because they will become your medium. I decided to paint my image first so I would know the palette~ colors & textures~ I would need.  Then I gathered printer paper, notebook paper & graph paper and went to town painting them with acrylics, you can use any kind of papers you like.

DSCN8841I layerd colors, splattered paint & dry brushed them. I also wanted to have different patterns, I love how Elizabeth St. Hilare Nelson incorporates patterns, stamps and all kinds of cool things into her pieces, but I did not have the time & didn’t want to spend the money to go look for special papers. So I decided to use what I already have. Since this was experimental playtime I wanted to keep it simple, I have  a ton of files that I keep as inspiration, we call them Morgue files, and one of my files is dedicated to patterns. I wanted to keep my original clippings so I decided to photo copy, in my laser printer, the patterns that had similar colors & textures that I was looking for.  Since I know that if I apply any sort of medium or water to  laser copies they will bleed or smear, I seal them by  filling my spray bottle with a mixture of Clear Gesso & Water & sprayed it on the copies. As you can see from the photos above it created all kinds of wonderful textures & colors plus the paper was now sealed. We also gathered colored tissue papers, ribbons, stamps, gold leaf, and all kinds of other things, but I only ended up using the papers that I had painted.DSCN8836

To glue everything down I used Liquitex Gloss Super Heavy Gel because that is what I had and it was similar to what Elizabeth uses. I recommend you getting her DVD for more detail information on doing this technique, it is excellent!

Julie came over on a Saturday morning and we painted from 10am-4:30pm. We had so much fun talking, tearing paper & pasting it down. I have to be honest, when I was creating the papers I thought~ this is a lot of work & I and I don’t even know if I’m going to enjoy this technique, but to tell you the truth once we started creating I found it to be very therapeutic. It is so different from what I do daily that it was like a taking a creative vacation. I loved doing it & I think I will be incorporating some of the papers I painted into my pieces, but I probably will not do final pieces all in paper, because I love using my brushes & paints too much.

In the photos above you can see Julie & I spread out on my kitchen table, the papers I painted and our final pieces. She created a beautiful flower and I created a horse which I named “Soul Seeker”. I embedded the words; Soul, Harmony, Love, Blessed & Believe, hidden within the textures. I also added specks of Gold Leaf into it which gave it a little extra sparkle. For my very 1st try, I really love how it turned out.

I’ve been experimenting a lot these days. Work is slow, and instead of worrying about it I am playing with ideas, mediums and textures. I have to say I’m having a ton of fun doing it too. Its terrific to get out of our comfort zones & try new things, because you never know if a spark of creativity will get lit. Hope you find some time to play because its marvelous for our souls 😀


Every summer we head out in our RV and go on a family vacation to explore this amazing Country we live in. I always go with the intension of doing art work. I bring sketchbooks, watercolors, colored pencils and a backpack full of many other things always thinking I’ll have time to create some new work.

My husband, Kent Weakley, is a photographer so our vacations are somewhat planned according to the “shots” he wants to get. We wake up at the break of dawn and get back to camp after sunset, those are the best times to photograph, and from what you can see on his site, his photographs are stunning, and we’ve been to some amazing places creating lasting memories. For my boys and I it’s an adventure in endurance, we love the hikes and the magnificent vistas, but when we get back to the RV, we download photos and go to bed and recharge because we’ll do it all again the next day. Even though we do have some down time, its nice to relax and have a glass of wine by the campfire while the boys roast their marshmallows and forget about everything else.

I realize that our vacations are not about creating, they are about recharging. I do a lot of thinking while we are on the road. My thoughts are about what I have accomplished, about creative projects I want to do, and about what I will come up with this coming year. I think its important to get away from the everyday “to do” lists and even from the work we normally do, and think about the year ahead (by the way my year starts and ends according to the school calendar, at least while my boys are still in school).

I am blessed to have this time to look out the RV window and think, recharge and re- ignite my creative fire. Summer is almost at an end and for me a new year will soon begin. I have some great new ideas that I want to try, aside from the pet portraits that I am really exited about. I’m also going to become a better blogger, I admire all of you that blog consistently. Lastly, one very important goal for me this year is to have some Balance, yes, it is something that its difficult for me and I need to figure out how to achieve it!

I hope you had a fabulous Summer! I would love for you to share your thoughts of what you did and where you went and what your new year will bring, so please leave me a comment so we can all hear about it 🙂

Here is the Map on the side of our RV of all the States we’ve been in the last 5 years. We do have a rule which is -we must sleep in the State in order to earn the colorful sticker. As you can see we’ve been to almost all of them, except the the upper eastern States which we will hit next summer. A heck of an accomplishment don’t you think? You can see some of the stunning photography my husband has taken at KentWeakley.com

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a great day!

A Good Morning!

This morning I was blessed with this spectacular Sunrise. The blues, purples and pinks lit the sky like a fireworks show. Its amazing how beautiful the sky can get and how quickly it disappears. After a week of gloomy rainy days that had me in a slump, this explosion of color is just was what I needed. Now the sun is out & just like a little miracle so is my energy. Oh how my moods and energy are driven by the weather. I wish it wouldn’t, but just smiling into the sun this morning was the jolt I needed to start my day. I hope you get a charge in what ever it is that ignites your passion and energy today. Blessing to you 🙂

Paintings for Sale

Hi Everyone. I decided to place these three large original paintings for sale exclusively on my Blog. If you are interested in purchasing them send me at email at callmaggie@yahoo.com and I will send you more photos and all the details.

“Golden Luna” is 24″x 30″ it is painted on wood board. I created the background which resembles rough leather. This Overo Paint horse has touches of Gold acrylic paint highlighting pieces of his mane and throughout the painting. I restored this old antique frame by filling in the cracks and dry brushing the details with Gold  acrylics. This photo does not do it justice. This painting is rich in color, texture and feel.

“Valentino”  is 24″ x 48″. It is a very tall  and skinny painting, perfect for a narrow wall. He is a sweet colt that will make you fall in love with him as you stare into his eyes. The negative space above this relaxed thoroughbred will capture your attention and you will draw you to him as you will want to sit with him for a while.

“Love that Pig” is 30″ square. A dynamic background sets off this sweet pink pig that you are sure to love.  There are many textures throughout this very large painting complimenting that sweet stare and big smile of this very fine Pig.

Hope you enjoy them be sure to leave a comment would love to hear what you think 🙂

My Son’s First Art Debut



This is my 13 year old son Max in his first Art Exhibition showcasing his Photographs. The Marion Cultural Alliance is having  a show called “FINS, FEATHERS & FUR” at the Artful Gallery in the Circle Square Commons. The show runs from January 21st through February 26th, 2011. The Opening Reception was Friday, January 21st, from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm. This show is very special because my husband, my son, and I are exhibiting together in one show. I believe this is very special & who knows when it will happen again. I am beaming with excitement. Our night was wonderful! Nancy Ledding, the executive director of MCA, was very kind and gave Max so many compliments about this great accomplishment. It was fun seeing him acting very mature, and answering questions about his photos. He did a really great job. I’m so proud of him. He seemed to love all the attention he received. There were many people at the show and a lot of friendly faces showed up giving him enormous support and you could see how proud he was to talk about and showcase his photos. We were so disappointed we had to leave early than we wanted to, because my other son Lucas’ Robotics club were done earlier than expected and his school was on the other side of town. People were starting to pour into the gallery as we were coming out. Regardless, it was a huge success in our eyes. We left with big smiles on our faces. It was wonderful that Max’s first taste of being an artist was very positive.I am so Thankful for the wonderful support & encouragement of our friends and colleagues. I am blessed to have such a support system.

I hope you get to go out & see it this marvelous show.

If you would like to see more of Max’s Photographs please got to maxweakley.com

I Love this quote about sons, I truly believe it. You don’t raise heroes, you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons, they’ll turn out to be heroes, even if it’s just in your own eyes.”


The photos above are;  1) Max with Jessica McCune & me  2) with Nancy Ledding 3) Max talking about his Moose Photo with Laurie Zink & Dylan Menard 4) with Laurie Zink & Dylan Menard  5) with Mark & Mary Emery 6) Max in the Gallery

Christmas Greetings

Merry Christmas my friends!

Here is our Christmas Card. Every year we try to come up with a Christmas card that tells our family & friends what our year was like and of course we always include all our critter kids.

Wishing all of you a wonderful Christmas, may it be filled with joy and good will 😀

Parade of Pigs

A Couple of weeks ago a friend of mine asked me if I would paint a piggy bank for the United Way fundraiser. Above you can see my piggy I named “Love Your Animals”.

Tonight, November 30th from 5 to 7 pm at Gateway Bank on Silver Springs Blvd., you can come out and see all of the creative pigs people painted at the “Parade of Pigs” showcase. To view the pigs is FREE, however, they are serving a casual dinner of pulled pork sandwich, side dish, brownies, chips and soft drinks for $10.00 each.

Hope you will stop by and see some awesome piggies 😉

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

My little sister Maru & I attended the Vampire Ball benefiting the Humane Society. It was a really fun party, there were great costumes and a whole lot of dancing. We met up with my friends Cyndi & Bill Prevos which made the night a ghoulish funtastic time ;D

Hope you have a very fun and safe Halloween, Enjoy!

My Eagle Scout Son is in the Newpaper

Scout’s project aims to refurbish part of history

By Andy Fillmore

Lucas Weakley selected an Eagle Scout project he hopes will inspire others to reach for scouting’s highest rank, just as he was uplifted by another Eagle.

“On a family vacation to St. Andrews State Park (near Panama City), I saw a plaque on a restored turpentine mill proclaiming it was an Eagle project,” Lucas, 14, said. He decided to restore a wooden building adjacent to a 1930s-era farmhouse on the grounds of the Silver River State Park.

The small building was in poor condition, and had it been demolished, history would have been discarded along with it. The scout’s project saved the building, part of the original cattle farm, to serve as a learning experience for visitors likely for years to come.

“Once we get interpretive signage, visitors will realize this is not just a shed; it is historic,” said assistant park manger Christine Dorrier.

Dorrier and Lucas explained that the original builders of the homestead likely erected the smaller building first as living quarters, possibly for several persons, while the main house was being built. Following completion of the main house, the smaller edifice was used for storage, as it is currently.

The neat white farmhouse once served as housing for the state park manager.

The wooden storage building restored in the Eagle project measures about 18 feet by 10 feet by 8 feet, and features a shingled roof and unusual flooring comprised of round wooden pieces.

Dorrier said the main farmhouse and project building are both on their original sites, and that relatives of the homesteading family still live in the area.

Lucas has collected photographs of the buildings, including an early 1930s view that shows a thin, young tree that nearly 80 years later towers over the location.

The farm site is near the park’s picnic area, just a short walk from the Cracker Homestead area on the neighboring Silver River Museum grounds.

Lucas has completed all requirements to attain the Eagle rank, an honor fewer than 5 percent of all Boy Scouts are awarded, according to the National Eagle Scout Association, and is slated to receive his medal on Nov. 20.

Although “self-motivated” to reach the goal, Lucas said the experience has been a family affair with support from his father Kent and mother Maggie since he began the journey in first grade as a Tiger Cub.

The scout’s grandfather, Jerry Weakley, hand-fashioned pull handles on the two large, swinging front doors of the restored building from raw material in a period style. The doors were reconstructed by a volunteer.

Lucas said his project required 216 1/2 hours and 17 volunteers to complete.

Lucas is a member of Troop 172, sponsored by Blessed Trinity Church. His father is Scoutmaster. He said he enjoyed earning the Shotgun Shooting merit badge and found Citizenship in the Nation to be the most arduous of the 35 badges he has garnered.

Lucas is in the Engineering and Manufacturing Institute of Technology program at Forest High School and said he enjoys blending “electronics with mechanics.” He has career aspirations in electrical and mechanical engineering and micro air vehicles.

Above are the original pictures from the 1930’s to the before and after shots of te building. We are very proud of our son. This was a huge undertaking. He was the one who raised the money for the supplies, organized all the people to help with the project and documented the whole process, and for a 14 year old I think that is pretty remarkable 🙂

My Son the Eagle Scout

I have to honor to present my son Lucas, he has just earned his rank of Eagle Scout. We are so proud of him to achieve such a prestigious honor at 14 years of age.

I’ve been working hard on all the preparations that go into his Eagle Scout Court of Honor Ceremony which will be held on Nov. 20th. I took this photo of him yesterday to include it in the request for a Congratulatory letter. If any one want to send him some good wishes please email me, callmaggie@yahoo.com, and I will print out all the letters I receive and present them to him on his Eagle Court of Honor Ceremony. Thanks 🙂

Here is the Letter I sent out to Elected Officials, Organizations that support the Boy Scouts of America, Celebrities, Family and Friends. It will be fun to see what comes back, and it will be our honor to present it to him on this very special Court of Honor.

On November 20, 2010, at 1:00 pm at Blessed Trinity Catholic Church, Boy Scout Lucas Weakley, a member of Boy Scouts of America Troop 172 in Ocala, Florida will be honored at a very special Court of Honor for achieving the highest honor of Scouting, the Eagle Scout Award. I know you recognize the importance of this achievement in this young man’s life.

To become an Eagle Scout, Lucas has earned 35 Merit Badges and served his troop in a variety of leadership roles such as; Historian, Den Chief,  Assistant Patrol Leader,  Assistant Senior Patrol Leader and twice he has been an Instructor. He has won many awards including the US Heritage Gold award,  and the award of Super Scout, honoring his skills as a leader and hard worker within the troop. He is a member of the Scouting Honor Society the Order of the Arrow. He has accumulated 167 of community service hours and is still counting.

Lucas also completed a major community service project, restoring a historical temporary house pioneers would live in at the Silver River State Park while they were building their permanent homes when they were settling in the homestead.  The restoration of this building will house items that the settlers used during that historical period,  and will eventually be a part of a village the park service is creating to showcase the history of the State Park.

Lucas is fourteen years old attending the Engineering and Manufacturing Institute of Technology Magnet program at Forest High School as a Freshman.  He is a very driven young man, with an incredible talent and passion to become an Engineer.  Lucas started as a Tiger Cub Scout just after September 11, 2001 and has continued earning every rank up to the prestigious honor of  Eagle Scout. His goal is to continue to be very active with his troop and will strive to earn the Bronze, Gold, and Silver Palms.

To make this ceremony even more special, we are compiling letters of congratulations from honorable people like you.  Would you please consider sending along such a letter, and perhaps any other items you wish to give him?  We will present the letter and/or items received to him at his Court of Honor Ceremony on November 20, 2010.

Thank you very much for taking time to help us honor our special young man.

Sincerely yours,

Maggie Weakley